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About us

Everlasting Tales is a team we created in order to tell your personal cinematic moments, through our every project. So we write a story based on the moments we live with you, at your weddings, as we try to make a memory last forever through the photographs and videos of this day. The style of our footage is more spontaneous, because we believe that this is a day you deserve to live in the best possible way, without many interventions from third parties. As a result we have your cinematic moments, narrated as an Everlasting Tale, always living through the film and photographs of your wedding.

Our creative team

Our team members are almost the same and don't change at every event. We have a team of 6 individuals with 3 of them always be present at every wedding. So the core remains the same, to achieve the best chemistry and results. We have to do this, so we can achieve having the style that we want to deliver at every wedding we have the opportunity to shoot. 

Creator's bio

My name is Panos Karachristos and I studied theatrical and cinema studied in University of Patras. My passion for cinema pushed me to start searching arround filming stuff and so I decided to apply my theoretical knowlegde into professional work. 

I have worked for years to professional photography studio for creative advertising and also at television, before starting my own business. 

My passion is to bring out the cinematic feeling out of every shooting, so the viewer or the client feels that the final product is part of a film, or a photo story, like a photojournalistic, unpretendous style.  

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