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Your cinematic moment

We have one and only goal. To capture precious moments that will last forever. A cinematic moment hat will reflect the feelings and emotions that we lived with you, on that special day.


Who we are

Everlasting Tales is a team we created in order to tell your personal cinematic moments, through our every project. So we write a story based on the moments we live with you, at your weddings, as we try to make a memory last forever through the photographs and videos of this day. The style of our footage is more spontaneous, because we believe that this is a day you deserve to live in the best possible way, without many interventions from third parties. As a result we have your cinematic moments, narrated as an Everlasting Tale, always living through the film and photographs of your wedding.


  • bride's preparation

  • groom's preparation

  • wedding ceremony coverage

  • family and friends photoshoot

  • couple photoshoot

  • coverage of wedding reception 

  • 10 hours total time of presence

  • after wedding photoshoot

Photography is being held by two photographers, that are present during the whole day of shooting.  


  • bride's preparation

  • groom's preparation

  • wedding ceremony coverage

  • wedding reception coverage 

  • 10 hours total time of presence

  • after wedding shooting

Cinematography is being held by two cinematographers and 3 cameras total. Complimentary during this process are drone and action camera where needed. 



Delivery of your files is done with care. Couple gets proofs one month after the wedding, to choose which photos will be printed on digital albums and handheld photos.
Video is our specialty and is our starting point in our journey of wedding photography and cinematography. 

Our mini movie reflects what we lived and what emotions the happy couple gave to us. It is strictly our creation with not much intervention from the client.  

In detail:


  • Online gallery with all photos available for sharing or download. Also videos could be available on
    a private link on vimeo

  • Custom made case that holds the usb flash drive with all digital files.
    We deliver all the photographs with no watermarks or other type of branding. 

  • Video is being delivered in the same case and flash drive in Full HD. 
    You get the mini movie and a short film of 40min duration.
    If you wish we can deliver the video files in 4K resolution. 

Our offering is at 2500€ 

If you choose a seperate service is 1700€ for photography and 1700€ for cinematography

Payment is done in 3 steps:

  1. 300€ for capturing the date

  2. 60% a few days prior to the wedding

  3. The rest 40% at the delivery day


  • Extra hour 200€

  • Drone operator for extended use 400€ 

  • Pre wedding shooting 250€

  • Pre wedding or after wedding outside Attica 100€ plus travel and accommodation expenses 

  • Full movie 300€

  • Extra day of shooting 400€ 



Athens, Greece  |  Tel: +30 697 263 8527

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