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Your personal cinematic moment

We have a single goal. To capture your very special moment in a way that could last forever. A cinematic moment with true feelings that can eco the moments you lived during your wedding day. An Everlasting Tale.

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Our starting point. Where we began our journey on capturing everlasting moments


An essential asset for your special day. In the same aesthetic as our cinematography, looking to capture feelings more than beautiful poses. 

About us

Everlasting Tales is a team we created in order to tell your personal cinematic moments, through our every project. So we write a story based on the moments we live with you, at your weddings, as we try to make a memory last forever through the photographs and videos of this day. The style of our footage is more spontaneous, because we believe that this is a day you deserve to live in the best possible way, without many interventions from third parties. As a result we have your cinematic moments, narrated as an Everlasting Tale, always living through the film and photographs of your wedding.

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